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bee kind

Now available on the Apple, Google Play, Samsung, and Nook app stores!

This is it! The Halloween game you've been looking for! Monsters, vampires, mummies and aliens have invaded to steal all of Earth's candy! You have to battle the undead and aliens all while going house to house trick or treating to get ammo, health, and perks!

Use a wide assortment of weapons to dish out vengeance against the undead, from machine guns and flamethrowers to mallets, bubble guns, and ray guns!

Use perks to dispatch a large group of the undead and aliens at once. Blast them with lightening, have them blown away by a hurricane, or have a swarm of bats attack them. You can even blast them with a tank, plus many more!

Play through a ton of action, funny one-liners, crazy weapons, and addictive game play!

This is your chance to save Earth and it's precious candy resources! Can we count on you?

Now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play!

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