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The Infinity Project is our very first iOS game released in December 2009 for the iPhone 3G and up.

This Adventure / Action FPS, is a different kind of FPS for the iPhone. This exploration / adventure game with a FPS look & feel has tons of content with hours & hours of play time. Immerse yourself in The Infinity Project.

The year is 2248, Earth is at war with the Talon's, an extremely aggressive and unknown race that attacked Earth without provocation. As Commander Ethan Avery, you're sent to Infinity Station, a research and development facility located in deep space currently developing controversial technologies. Earth has lost contact with the Top Secret station and sends you to investigate. Explore the station to find keys that unlock the next area of the station. Unlock the mystery behind The Infinity Project.

Once you are on-board, strange things start to happen, and you realize, this is no normal space station and this is no normal rescue mission. You are about to start an adventure you will never forget.

With stunning 3D graphics and sound, The Infinity Project features a wide-open world to explore. Enter every room you can, you never know what you may find.

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This is one of the best, most complete action games I've played on the iDevice, and by far my favorite FPS on the platform.

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One of the best FPS to grace the iPhone and iPod Touch…5 out of 5 Stars

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Ethan Avery

Birth Location: Earth
Date of Birth: Aug 1, 2213
Race: Human

Occupation: Lt. Commander, United Earth Forces

History: Service in the United Earth Forces for over 12 years. Specially trained in infiltration of highly secured enemy targets.

Most notable accomplishments: Led the successful campaign against the Mulock after they violently took over Earth Force Space Outpost 13. Commander Ethan, led a small combat force into the Outpost, rescued all 250 hostages and brought the Mulock Commander to justice.
Singlehandedly defended Mars Outpost 2 from a Talon attack thereby saving over 500 lives.

Current mission: Proceed to Infinity Station and investigate the lack of communication with the station. If the station is damaged due to a failed experiment, render aid. If Talons are the cause, neutralize them with and regain control of the station.


Onora Zorion

Birth Location: Earth
Date of Birth: Jan 16, 2220
Race: Human
Occupation: Captain, United Earth Forces

History: Service in the United Earth Forces for 8 years. Specially trained in war tactics and implementation.

Most notable accomplishments: Graduated Top of class from United Earth Forces Academy at the age of 18 with a degree in Military Science and Tactics. Brilliant strategist and scientist that quickly rose to the rank of Captain.

Planned and implemented the successful campaign against the Mulock after they violently took over Earth Force Space Outpost 13. Captain Zorion, formulated the strategic plan that rescued all 250.

Current mission: Plan, support and monitor the investigation into why communications have been lost with Infinity Station. If Talons are responsible plan, support and monitor the infiltration of Infinity Station and secure all experiments.



Birth Location: Talia
Date of Birth Unknown
Race: Talon
Occupation: Talon High Commander

Current mission: Locate and infiltrate Earth's top-secret space station.

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